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You don't need to be a seasoned entrepreneur to apply our methods and save time while boosting your business.

Embark on a Transformative Business Journey with Free Time Mastermind: Learn more, earn more, smile more. Does the entrepreneurial path feel like a maze of endless tasks and limited hours? You're not the only one navigating this challenge. At Free Time Mastermind, we recognize the hurdles of time management and the complexity of running a business. But here's where your journey takes a turn for the extraordinary.

Join our exclusive community, where we unite ambition with strategy, creating a haven for growth-minded individuals like yourself. Here, you'll be surrounded by a network of peers, each bringing their unique insights and experiences to the table. We're not just a group; we're a think tank of innovation, dedicated to turning the tide in your favor.

Our mission? To empower you with bespoke strategies, enlightening collaborative sessions, and a robust accountability system. We delve deep into the art of time mastery, equipping you with the tools to navigate your schedule with precision and purpose. It's more than managing time; it's about redefining it to align with your goals.

Within the walls of Free Time Mastermind, every second counts. You'll learn to optimize your routine, embrace productivity hacks, and unleash a newfound efficiency that transforms not just your business, but your life. From interactive workshops to one-on-one mentorship, every aspect of our group is tailored to catalyze your growth.

We believe in a world where your business vision isn't hindered by the clock. It's a world where every minute is a step towards success, where your aspirations are not just dreams, but achievable realities. With us, time is not a limit; it's the canvas on which you paint your entrepreneurial masterpiece.

Join Free Time Mastermind today. It's time to turn potential into achievement, to elevate your business journey from surviving to thriving. Together, let's rewrite the narrative of entrepreneurship into one of empowerment, efficiency, and unparalleled success.




Learn productive and lucrative skills in less time


Quickly move projects from idea to implementation with group brainstorming


Stay on track and ahead of schedule through peer-led accountability

“If You Find Yourself Weak In Persistence Surround Yourself With A Mastermind Group

- Napoleon Hill

Unlock Business Mastery with Free Time Mastermind: Connect, Collaborate, Catalyze Your Entrepreneurial Success!

Transform Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Free Time Mastermind – Where Teamwork Fuels Triumph. As an entrepreneur, navigating the complex business landscape can often feel like a solitary struggle. But it doesn't have to be. With Free Time Mastermind Group, you’re not just joining a group; you're becoming part of a powerful entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Connections: The moment you join Free Time Mastermind, your network expands exponentially. Surround yourself with a diverse group of fellow entrepreneurs, each with their unique experiences and insights. These connections go beyond mere networking; they become the pillars of support and collaboration that can propel your business forward.

Collaborators: Embrace the team approach in Free Time Mastermind, where collective wisdom turns individual challenges into group victories. Here, learning is a shared journey. Your ideas get refined through constructive feedback, and your strategies are strengthened by the collective experience of the group. In this collaborative setting, every member contributes and benefits, ensuring mutual growth and success.

Catalysts: At Free Time Mastermind, we believe in sparking innovation and driving change. Our brain trust of entrepreneurs serves as a catalyst for new projects and disruptive ideas. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a new venture or looking to pivot your current business model, the group's collective intelligence is a powerhouse that fuels innovation and accelerates progress.

Joining Free Time Mastermind isn't just about overcoming obstacles; it's about redefining the way you do business. It's where isolation turns into collaboration, ideas transform into actions, and challenges become opportunities for growth. Be part of a mastermind group that not only understands the entrepreneurial journey but actively shapes it towards success.

Embark on a path where every step is guided by expertise, supported by a network, and charged with innovation. With Free Time Mastermind, you never walk alone. Together, let's turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into tangible realities. Welcome to the community where the power of the three C’s — Connections, Collaborators, Catalysts — isn't just a concept; it's a daily practice. Join Free Time Mastermind and unlock the door to unprecedented business growth and success.

The Free Time Mastermind Group

The hardest part of mastering ANYTHING is usually taking the first step…

But the free time mastermind group changes that completely!

This group makes a quick shift in your psychology to make consistency and follow-through almost automatic.

Learn more, earn more, smile more.

Embark on a Journey of Growth and Joy with Free Time Mastermind. At the heart of every successful entrepreneur lies a thirst for knowledge, a drive for wealth, and the pursuit of happiness. Free Time Mastermind embodies this ethos in our 'Learn More, Earn More, Smile More' philosophy.

Learn More: Knowledge as Your Powerhouse. In Free Time Mastermind, learning isn’t just about acquiring information; it’s about unlocking your potential. We provide a wealth of resources, workshops, and expert-led sessions designed to deepen your understanding of the entrepreneurial world. Each new skill you master, each insight you gain, fuels your journey, opening doors to new opportunities and paving the way for innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Earn More: Financial Success Within Reach. Learning is the first step; applying that knowledge to amplify your income is next. At Free Time Mastermind, we guide you in translating your newfound wisdom into lucrative strategies. From optimizing your business model to exploring new market potentials, we focus on practical, actionable steps that significantly boost your financial growth. Here, earning more isn’t just a possibility; it's an expectation.

Smile More: Happiness in Harmony with Success. We believe that true success is not just measured in financial gains, but in the joy and fulfillment that comes with it. Free Time Mastermind is more than a mastermind group; it's a community where support, encouragement, and shared successes create a positive, uplifting environment. As you journey through the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship, Free Time Mastermind ensures you’re not just growing your business, but also finding joy and satisfaction in every achievement.

Join Free Time Mastermind and be part of a journey where education leads to elevation, where financial success is just the beginning, and where happiness is not just an outcome but a constant companion. In our world, learning more, earning more, and smiling more isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s our promise to you. Transform your business, enrich your life, and share in the joy of collective success with Free Time Mastermind.

The Free Time Mastermind Group

Unlock Your Potential with The Free Time Mastermind Group. In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the Free Time Mastermind Group stands as a beacon of support, guidance, and collaboration. We are more than just a community; we are a collective force driving each member towards unparalleled success.

At Free Time Mastermind, you'll find yourself among like-minded entrepreneurs who share your passion and understand your challenges. This is a place where experiences are shared, strategies are refined, and goals are achieved together. Our group is a melting pot of ideas, inspiration, and innovation.

With a focus on impactful learning, actionable insights, and sustainable growth, Free Time Mastermind is designed to cater to the unique needs of today’s entrepreneurs. We provide an environment where you can connect with peers, learn from experts, and leverage collective wisdom to make informed decisions and drive your business forward.

Join The Free Time Mastermind Group and be part of an elite network where every member is committed to mutual success. Here, your aspirations become our goals, your challenges our opportunities. Together, we grow, we thrive, and we redefine the landscape of entrepreneurship.


Enhance Strategic Thinking

Free Time Mastermind offers an environment where innovative thinking is nurtured, and strategic planning is honed to perfection.

Expand Professional Networks

Our membership provides access to a diverse network of experienced business owners, offering invaluable connections and collaborative opportunities.

Accelerate Business Growth

Free Time Mastermind provides insights, tools, and resources that can help catapult a business to new heights, turning goals into achievements more rapidly.

Cultivate Leadership Skills

The group setting encourages the development of leadership qualities essential for business success, including decision-making, team management, and effective communication.

Gain Mentorship and Support

Free Time Mastermind offers guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs and experts, providing a supportive framework for navigating the challenges of business ownership.

Embrace Work-Life Balance

Free Time Mastermind emphasizes efficient time management and productivity strategies, helping members achieve success without sacrificing personal well-being.

The Free Time Mastermind Helps You Master Momentum And Gives You The Most Unfair

Advantage In Life!

Sustained Business Momentum

The Free Time Mastermind equips you with the strategies to build and maintain momentum in your business. By focusing on actionable goals, continuous improvement, and adaptive tactics, FTMM ensures that your entrepreneurial journey is not just a series of successes, but a steady climb towards greater achievements.

Access to Cutting-Edge Insights:

Staying ahead in the fast-paced business world is about having the right information at the right time. Free Time Mastermind provides you with access to the latest market trends, innovative business strategies, and insider knowledge.

Empowering Personal Growth

Free Time Mastermind emphasizes the importance of personal development and well-being. By fostering a balanced approach to work and life, enhancing your communication and leadership skills, and promoting a growth mindset, the group helps you to become not just a better entrepreneur, but a more rounded and fulfilled individual.



"Just grabbing different ideas and perspectives from people is one big part of this group, that is definitely beautiful"


"We all talk about the different problems and challenges we face and then we talk it out and see which ideas work best"


“It’s a great platform to get together with other people who are in business, who’ve been in business, or who are just starting a business"

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Billed once at $240

  • Monthly group calls

  • Community Of Other Achievers

  • Hardcover or Audiobook version of Dan Martell's "Buy Back Your Time"

  • 10% of all products, services, and special events sold directly by Free Time Mastermind

  • You or your company will be recognized as a video podcast sponsor for one episode. Your logo and contact info will be shared on screen during the segment as well on all the multiple platforms where it will air.

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Billed once at $360

  • Monthly group calls

  • Community Of Other Achievers

  • Recognition as a founding member

  • Hardcover or Audiobook version of Dan Martell's "Buy Back Your Time"

  • Audiobook or E-book version of "Scintilla". A guide to new business ideas

  • 20% of all products, services, and special events sold directly by Free Time Mastermind

  • You or your company will be recognized as a video podcast sponsor for three episodes

  • 90 day, no risk, 100% money back guarantee

*Cancel anytime, no questions asked, and if not completely satisfied in the first days of your selected membership you get your money back.


We want this community to serve you at the highest level. If you are not completely satisfied within the first days of your selected membership you cancel your membership by reaching out to our customer service team to request a full refund, no questions asked!


“Great ideas and great insights! I’ve been on it a few times and I’ve growing and becoming better because of Free Time Mastermind”

- Troy (Member)

“If I look at where I was a year ago and where I am now, everything has changed drastically!”

- Anthony (Member)

“It’s comforting to have people that are in the same boat as me and it’s inspiring to see people that have been successfully running businesses for years!”

- Arthur (Member)

Are You Ready To Truly Experience The Results You Want To See In Every Area Of Your Life?

It’s Time to Turn Aspirations into Achievements. If you’ve ever felt like your entrepreneurial journey is missing a key element, or if you’re seeking a transformative experience that impacts every facet of your life, the answer lies with the Free Time Mastermind Group.

Today, you stand at a crossroads. One path leads to the continuation of the status quo. The other path leads to Free Time Mastermind, where unparalleled growth, both personal and professional, awaits.

Are you ready to step into a world where your dreams aren’t just possibilities but certainties? Are you ready to experience the results you’ve always wanted in every area of your life? Join Free Time Mastermind Group, and let’s make it happen together.


How does a mastermind group differ from a networking group?

A mastermind group is a collaborative group learning environment that holds meetings where members assist each other with their business challenges. A networking group is a place to meet other business owners to sell your products or services to.

How does The Free Time Mastermind Group differ from other mastermind groups?

We have a limit on the number of members in the group to ensure a personalized experience. Like other groups the monthly meeting is the core of our model but we also pair team members who can best leverage each other’s strengths. Each member has a voice in how the meetings are structured, the subjects that are discussed, and what guest presenters are invited to give workshops.

How can a mastermind group benefit me?

Most of the information out there such as books, YouTube videos, blogs are not interactive. If you are stumped by information in a book you cannot ask the author for clarification. Consultants are expensive and often have a narrow way of dealing with particular issues. A mastermind group is collaborative which provides a dozen perspectives. You can follow up with fellow members outside the meeting and continue the conversation in our ongoing forum chats. 

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